Flaming Moth Tattoo is committed to ensuring a safe environment for our clients and staff, free from discrimination or harassment. We recognize that tattooing is an intimate process, emotionally and physically, and the following policies are aimed at preventing negative experiences for our clients, and ensuring our staff always act professionally and appropriately.

PAYMENT METHODS: Tattoos can only be paid through legal tender. Other forms of payment, such as goods or favours, will not be accepted.

REMOVAL OF CLOTHES: Certain tattoos will require customers to remove certain items of clothes, such as tattoos on chests, ribs, sternum, chest, or buttock. Other tattoos will require clothes to be repositioned. When you come for your tattoo, please wear clothes that will make it easy for us to tattoo the chosen body area. For instance, if you are getting an upper arm tattoo, think about wearing a tank top. If you are getting a tattoo on your hip, think about wearing pants rather than a dress. If clothing must be removed, you will never be asked to remove all of your clothes, and we will have alternatives that you can cover up with, such as nipple covers, or disposable items like plastic coverings.

PHOTOS: Tattoo artists depend on taking photos of their work for showcasing their work and for advertising. A photo will be taken of your tattoo after it is completed. If the tattoos are around private areas, we will blur out or cover the sensitive areas. Videos may be taken of the tattoo process and will be done with the verbal consent of the client. Clients can choose if they would like to be tagged in the photos or videos we post, and besides the photo of the tattoo, no picture will be posted without a client’s consent.

COVER-UPS: When you come in for a cover-up, a photo will be taken for the artist’s reference. You may take the photo yourself, or we can take the photo in our shop. If it is of a sensitive area, we will take precautions to cover up any body parts required.

PHYSICAL CONTACT DURING TATTOO: Tattooing requires us to touch clients physically. Due to the location of various tattoos, at certain times we might lean on or nudge clients on various parts of their bodies. Physical contact will never include inappropriate sexual touching.

PAINKILLERS: We cannot offer clients painkillers for the tattoo process. However, we do have a numbing cream available if required.

CONVERSATIONS: During the creation process, tattoo artists will make suggestions on where to place the tattoo, as larger tattoos look better on larger parts of the body, such as upper arms or upper legs. Tattoo artists may also comment on how the skin is taking the ink. However, staff will never make comments on your body, body parts, or make sexualized comments to clients.

PRIVACY: The contact information you provide to us is for business purposes only. Staff might contact you to book you in for a consult, tattoo, a touch-up, or to keep you updated on specials or changes being made to Flaming Moth. Staff will not contact you for any other reasons, such as setting up private or personal encounters.